Obama May Soon Institute 1st Gay Brigade!

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  1. i am just finishing my letter to the President describing my brilliant idea. if the troops are scared shirtless of their gay comrades, imagine the morale of the enemy who learns that they are against gay brigades!
  2. The muslims will love these guys.
  3. Lucrum


    They're have been cavalry units in the past known as "Light horse" this or that.

    The new unit patch could read: "Light in the Loafers Brigade, where our buddies always cum first"
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Chris Rock on gays in the military:

    "If they wanna fight, let 'em fight. 'Cause I aint gonna fight. I don't give a fuck if I saw a Russian tank roll down Flatbush Avenue. So call me a faggot if you want. When the war's over, I'll be the faggot with two legs."
  5. Wow. First a racist and now also a homophobe. You're a real national treasure, aren't you? Who else are you also better than?
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    No doubt you're going to jump all over your knight in shinning armor for posting this photo under the false pretense that it's him. In a sad and pathetic attempt at intimidation.

  7. Clearly, you didn't catch the fairly obvious humor in it. Give it some thought. Maybe you'll figure it out one day. Probably not, but it's worth a try and we can always hope.

    Meanwhile, you still didn't answer the question. Since you clearly shore up your own feelings of self worth by belittling and diminishing others on the basis of criteria outside of their control, who else are you also better than? Going further, since your bigotry is fairly defined, have you established either an ordinal or ratio scale on which you base your superiority between and among these various groups?
  8. Lucrum


    No I didn't, nor have I figured out his "humor" in my wife's profession either. Must be a liberal thing.
    Just you.

    And I don't buy that "out of their control" BS either. The only gay I know suddenly up and decided to be gay one day.
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  10. Just like you decided to be straight (perhaps after some deliberation)?
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