Obama May Levy $15 Billion Tax on Oil Company Profit

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  1. If you dont think that this will not be passed on to the consumer in some way your an idiot. :D

    Taxes are not the answer!
  2. This guy is a communist...
  3. Obama is one stupid mother fucker.

    You mean freeloading scumbags who vote for the Democrats?
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    What a great way to cut gas prices! Raise taxes! Woot! Hey, let's cut the price of milk and eggs by raising taxes on them! Woo hoo! Does corn cost too much? Raise taxes on corn! Is bread getting pricey? Raise taxes on bread! Are people not making enough at their jobs? Raise taxes on income!

    If somebody wrote a script that included the left of today and submitted it say 20 years ago, Hollywood would have rejected it, saying the libtards of today were too implausible for the Silver Screen.
  5. $15 billion dollars?

    That could have been 15 new rigs in the ocean pumping oil.

    Brilliant, Obama. Why don't you just admit you don't know what you are doing? Wait, maybe you do.

  6. so the tax payers just pay the whole war cost and these miscreants reap the windfall...? i say call it a war tax.
  7. I say get that money from the iraqis, saudis, UAE,etc. They look on us as their hired palace guard anyway, at least make them pay for it.

    Of course hillary is lying about what she would do to OPEC, but I think she is on to something. We need to bust up OPEC, with the military if necessary.
  8. Yannis


    IMAO: Know Thy Enemy: High Gas Prices

    "Know Thy Enemy: High Gas Prices

    Many people are worried about high gas prices, so I sent my crack research staff to find out all they can about them. Here are their findings:


    * High gas prices were invented by John D. Rockefeller who one day said to himself, "You know, I could charge a lot more for gas." Some say that business acumen was a big part of his success.

    * High gas prices can raise the price of everything from food to action movies in which lots of gas tanks explode.

    More expensive than Disney World (but with more mice).
    * Gas prices are largely affected by oil production. Oil productions is set by amoral tyrants who live in the desert and wear ornate mumus. It seems to be an odd system, but no one has yet to suggest a better one.
    * It seems unfair the Middle East charges so much for oil when its not like they need it themselves for all their cars and technology they're so famous for.

    * High gas prices may cause more people to ride a bike to work which could lead to more people wearing bike shorts and thus an increase in false accusations of homosexuality.

    * And accurate accusations.

    * Canada produces a lot of oil, but uses up most of it in their extremely fuel inefficient Zambonis.

    * Venezuela also produces oil, but Hugo Chavez wastes a lot of it by setting it on fire since the color of the flame is pretty and makes him smile and clap.

    * One way to reduce gas prices is to do more drilling in America. None of the drilling will be near you, but there will be many people near you loudly complaining about it and it's currently illegal to punch them.

    * And it's too expensive to hit them with your car.

    * One gas price crisis occurred when some wise guy bought exactly one gallon of gas and, paid a buck thirteen for it when it cost a buck twelve and 9/10ths, and demanded exact change.

    * Many people blame American oil companies for the high gas prices, but in fact they are just more victims in all this. Victims with obscene profits, but victims nonetheless.

    * Also, if you complain about oil companies too much, they can have you killed. How are the police going to do anything about it if Exxon refuses to give them gas for their cars?

    * One strategy to combat higher gas prices is to chide people who drive wasteful SUVs, but they will probably just run their Humvee over your Prius while falsely accusing you of homosexuality.

    * Or accurately accusing you.

    * High gas prices hurt poor people the most, which is one of the few benefits of it.

    * If you think you see high gas prices, whatever you do, do not tell the authorities. If you do, eventually the federal government will find out and try and do something about it, screwing things up even more.

    * One way gas stations are combating high gas prices is to make shorter signs that advertise the prices.

    * I bet that one took you a second.

    * One way to reduce gas prices are biofuels which could reduce gas by cents a gallon at only the cost of millions of people starving to death because of the raised price of crops.

    * Alternative fuel cars could one day lead to us no longer needing gasoline, but a label on your car proudly proclaiming your car is safe to the environment could lead to false accusations of you being a homosexual.

    * And, of course, accurate accusations.

    * A big part of gas prices are the taxes on them which the government spends on telling you not to smoke.

    * Especially while in a gas station paying gas taxes.

    * Be careful of hidden gas prices. Some place may look like they are only charing a dollar five for a gallon of gas, but if you look closely at the price, you'll see it says, "and 395 tenths of a cent."

    * A lot of people think we don't need gas as much anymore since we don't need to physically travel places now that we have the internet. Guess what the internet runs on, though? Gasoline!

    * If surrounded by high gas prices, whatever you do, don't panic. It can sense fear and go up even higher in response.

    * In a fight between Aquaman and high gas prices, Aquaman would have to sell his fish friends on the local fish market so he can afford to gas to drive his Geo Metro to his new job at the cracker factory.

    * And on the way there, he'd be falsely accused of being a homosexual.

    * It is false!

    * One way to lower gas prices would be to have a huge war for oil. Most people seem to be against this, though, despite no one being able to cite a single downside.

    * Some people say angry Muslims may come over here to attack us if we steal their oil, but how are they going to do that with nothing to fuel their vehicles? It's a foolproof plan, I tell you.

    * The first high gas price was when gas rose from a penny a gallon to a penny and nine tenths. People back then didn't understand fractions and falsely accused the gas station attendants of witchcraft.

    * And accurately accused them.

    * Some were also homosexuals, but no one thought to accuse them of that back then."

    :) :) :)
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