Obama marital problems?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Ever since Barack Obama entered political life, I believe it has been something of an issue between he and wife Michelle that he has spent relatively little time at home...in the house...helping to raise the kids.

    In the first two weeks after taking up residence at the White House, both the president and Michelle expressed their excitement about the fact that his office was now in their house, and he was home every night for dinner, etc.

    But beginning at just Week 3, the frequent traveling started again (press secretary Robert Gibbs jesting that "the president is a bit of a restless soul").

    Now today, on the way to Denver, Phoenix, and then Montreal, Gibbs floats the news that "President Obama is determined to stay in close contact with the American people," and expects to be on the road at least one day a week THROUGHOUT his presidency.

  2. He is doing his job

    When Presidents take to much vacation time it isn't good for the country.The last guy took more vacation time then any other president,and look how that turned out
  3. Whats up with Obama and his vacations.
    He took a 3 days vaction to chicago. He forced the stimlus package to be passed in 2 days without letting anyone read it, then he lets it sit on his desk for 3 days while he takes his vacation.

    At least Bush had formed a traveling Whitehouse for his vacations.