Obama lovers, what were You thinking??

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  1. i would bet that most of those who voted for him and are now upset are that way because of his inability to overcome the republican resistance machine. so far they have been very effective at throwing roadblocks up to any reform.
    if anything obama has been too pro big business. many on the democratic side were surprized at his middle of the road approach to business. the fact that a whole year after the crash no banking regulations have been put in place is telling.

  2. I am sorry, but they are just keeping him from turning the US into a bigger hellhole and I am no fan of the GOP.
  3. Voters like me (objective, not with "head up ASS with partisan fever") TRIED to bring this to light... but Nooooo. He was OBVIOUS during the campaign. Why were so many blinded and dumb-struck??

    A Patriot like Ron Paul can't even get on the ticket... yet we ELECT a NARCISSIST POSER, LIAR, FRAUD Obama?

    Apparently the promise of "free ice cream" is enough to turn voters all SHIT FOR BRAINS!

    What has American sunk to??

    :mad: :mad:
  4. so, i guess you think nothing need be done with healthcare or banking regulation?
  5. Nothing to do with that. it's as clear as day the investing community has boycotted the markets this year due to OBAMA.

    This is the worst liquidity i have seen, beats post 9-11, post dotcom bubble. The small cap market has been completely decimated. many algorithms that were once active in supplying liquidity are simple GONE.

    As a trader, this is a threat to our livelihood and we must resolutely oppose this man irregardless of his other policies. unless of course you are not a trader who trades for a LIVING, but that's okay since this is the P&R section, however you should make your position clear so we know where you are coming from.

    Are you a retiree with an investment account?
  6. MohdSalleh did you vote for Bush twice?
  7. No, something needs to be done to address rampant disregard for prudent lending and wild speculation, so I am for "limited" restraints. Healthcare is a mess and I do not have the answer, except for suspicion of government controlling it.

    You may very well be right that he is moving to the center and people like me will have to shut up.
  8. are you nuts. has anybody else ever had the market advance this much this fast in history? the market is giving obama a big thumbs up.
    just because your so called edge has been arbed away its obamas fault? all edges are eventually arbed away.
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