Obama Lover Media Outlets Ignoring Big Stories.

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  2. Not to mention that the obama administration FOUGHT against tougher regulations on deep water drilling.

    If the media even reported 25% of the administrations incompetance he would have already been kicked out.
  3. The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, ABC, NBC, CBS etc. all refuse to cover this voter intimidation story. Not only is it well documented (witnesses, on video, etc.), but some of the key people have testified before congress and are about to testify before the civil rights commission. All the major news outlets have refused to cover it.

  4. LOL Are you fellas STILL talking about sovereignty? Really?
    Obama is not going anywhere.
    Those of you who talk of armed resistance will be crushed, very quickly I might add.
    Don't believe me?
    Ask anyone who has served in the last decade what the military can do. It stopped working for you a long, long time ago, I can still remember.......

    Good luck fellas you all are really gonna need it.
  5. Out of curiosity, what exactly makes you think the military would intervene?

    I'm not sure if you are aware but the General in charge of Afghanistan was just let go for calling our dear leader an idiot during an interview.

  6. Who's talking about armed resistance? This thread is about how the mainstream media covers the Obama administration. It has absolutely nothing to do with armed resistance, the military or anything else of that nature.

  7. When Truman fired McArthur, did the country come apart?
    Are you suggesting that McCrystal is anywhere NEAR McArthur?

    Any insurgent against the federal powers of this country will be met with crushing force. LOL

    TeaPartyers with a SAW or two against a SINGLE Apache gunship?

    Are you serious?
  8. Tom you and your ilk are linked to the Glenn Becks of the world, who have used the word REVOLUTION. Do not think this has been missed.
  9. The mainstream media isn't thoroughly covering this administration and as these stories come to light, it's going to cost the democrats in November. All I'm talking about is an election, not a revolution. I have no idea why you're so hostile and making untrue accusations about me. I never said, or even implied, anything other than what I wrote.

    I was against the impeachment of Bill Clinton and would be against the impeachment of Obama. We have a process in place for changing the presidency: it's called an election.

  10. As usual, the left doesn't get it.

    Do a little research on why each was fired, write a "T" column and list the reasons, then note the differences.

    If you can draw any real differences then I will allow you to address me again, until you complete the exercise I have assigned to you, please put me on ignore.

    Your cooperation is appreciated.

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