Obama Loons Slitting Their Own Throats

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    A myth that President Obama is giving people money to pay their bills has prompted thousands of people across the country to try to pay for utilities, phone service and loans using bogus bank routing numbers.

    United Way of Cleveland's 2-1-1 changed its answering machine Monday to say rumors of the Obama program were false after fielding dozens of calls.

    Later that day, a United Way employee was on an RTA bus when a rider stood up and announced to fellow passengers that Obama was paying people's bills. The rider told people they could use the red numbers on the backs of their Social Security cards to tap into the government money. Steve Wertheim of United Way said the woman claimed she had successfully paid her electric bill using the technique.

    Such unprompted testimonials are spreading the hoax through entire communities, putting consumers, at minimum, at risk of late payment penalties and service disruptions.

    In some iterations, the bogus "Obama program" appears to be an identity theft scam. According to news reports, uniformed con men with clipboards went door to door in a handful of states, signing people up by collecting Social Security numbers and then giving them phony bank routing numbers to use to pay their bills.

    But here, it seems less scam than hoax.

    People aren't asking for anyone's Social Security numbers. They're passing along bogus routing numbers, apparently in the belief they're real.

  2. Cool :D
  3. Scamming those that believe in "entitlement" is easy. Just offer them free stuff hooked to their hero's name.
  4. Seems to me like the hoax would have a limited audience...After all, many of the Obama loons are wards of the state.
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    49% pay no taxes and are in one way or another on the government dole. That seems like a large market for this scam/hoax to me.
  6. 10 to 1 odds that not one of those people that fell for that hoax was a republican.