Obama lied! And the economy died!

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  1. Every President is entitled to their "weapons of mass destruction" ploys. It's their Raison d'être.
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  3. I don't think anyone actually believed that it would save any kind of money. I mean, how f-ing laughable is that? It defies the laws of physics.

    BUT, those that wanted to see it pass really didn't give a shit. :cool:
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    "laws of physics" that is laughable. how about the laws of economics?:)
  5. "And the economy died!"

    lets see. under obama the economy has regained almost 4 trillion in value lost under george bush. the market has the biggest rally in history, the housing market has turned, the auto companies have recovered, jobs have started to return, retail sales are doing well,banks are printing money. give him a break.
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    It worked for Clinton. Obama has just taken it to a new level. You can't believe anything he says. It will probably get him impeached before his 4 years are up.
  7. Correctomundo.

    Stay tuned for the next "too big to fail" financial crisis. We have a blueprint. Bernanke wasted his education studying the Depression. Strike that archaic shit from the textooks.
  8. You are either one hell of a troller or one complete moron! Either way...you have joined my ignore list, because I won't waste further time reading your posts. You should be real proud of yourself! You have joined the likes of stock_trad3r and fkbsuhites.
  9. Oh really? I think you have no idea how many people in economics are laughing at you right now.
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