Obama Lied About His Proposed Budget

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    Obama is a weasel and should be forced to resign. Read the last paragraph if you need more proof about how this weasel operates.

    President Obama vastly exaggerated the spending cuts and deficit reduction his budget plan would produce, while dramatically undercounting the level of tax hikes, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis of his budget released Friday.

    When Obama put out his budget in mid-April he said that it "will reduce our deficits by nearly another $2 trillion," and "does so in a balanced and responsible way, a way that most Americans prefer."

    But the CBO report finds that Obama's budget will cut 10-year deficits by just $1.1 trillion, with annual deficits starting to rise again after 2017.

    And far from being balanced, the CBO found that his plan's tax hikes would outweigh spending cuts by nearly 6 to 1.

    Other discrepancies:

    Instead of the more than $1.2 trillion in spending cuts Obama claimed, the CBO found that his policies would cut spending by a mere $172 billion — or 0.4%.

    And where Obama said his plan would boost taxes by only $580 billion over the next 10 years, the CBO found that his budget plan would raise them $974 billion.

    Those new taxes would come on top of $600 billion in tax hikes Obama forced through Congress at the start of the year, and the $1 trillion in new ObamaCare taxes.

    In addition, the CBO found that Obama's budget would increase spending by a total of $335 billion over the next four years vs. the "baseline," and boost projected deficits by a total of $201 billion over the next three years.

    Experts say that when it comes to federal budgeting, the effects in the next two or three years are far more important than long-term projections, which are notoriously unreliable.

    The CBO's budget figures differ from Obama's in part from their assumptions about the government's spending and revenue base lines and economic growth over the next decade.

    But the results reflect various budget gimmicks used by Obama that the CBO didn't count.

    IBD found that, among other things, he exaggerated spending cuts by eliminating the automatic sequester cuts, only to reclaim them as his own.

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    Obama Bin Lyin' at it - AGAIN.
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    Every time he opens his mouth he lies.

    Did you see the question from the reporter the other day? She asked him if he knew about the IRS targeting conservatives prior to the IG report confirming it.

    His Answer completely dodged the question. It was something like, "I didn't see the IG report before it was released to everyone."

    That wasn't the question Asshole Obama.
  4. For fuck's sake pspr how about listing what obama doesn't lie about?

  5. We should have a drinking game every time obama says "I" you take a shot.
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    I guess that would take a lot less space. Probably a blank page.
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    Not smart. You don't want to fuck your liver and pancreas up, especially with gov bureaucrats that hate conservatives running healthcare . Such a drinking game could even result in alcohol poisoning in one short speech.
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    I thought PT was actually talking about a shooting game. :D
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    I forgot. When was the last time an Obama budget garnered a single vote?
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    The last two budget proposals from Barack Obama failed to win a single vote in either chamber of Congress. In three floor votes over two years, not even a single Democrat would stand in favor of Obama’s budgeting priorities. In my column today for The Fiscal Times, I argue that Obama is a shoo-in to score the hat trick with his latest, record-breaking spending plan, perhaps this time especially among Democrats
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