Obama leaves trinity church

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  1. but it is too late

    he has been a member of the church for 20 years and he was baptised there . Jeremiah wright is a member of the church who is Obama's Pastor.
  2. juan mccain's preachers are worse.
  3. I thought it was always about the children.

    Mccain did not subject his children to 20 years of hagge hate.

    Obama's children have lived and breathed hate from their church.

    Got to reflect on the mother, Michelle.
  4. TGregg


    So either he's finally caving in to (wrongly in his eyes) appease the masses, suddenly been enlightened to what his church has been preaching for 20 years, or his church has taken a sudden major change in direction.

    Or, he joined the church to just get the political leverage and connections, and now it's a political liability so he bails.

    Not that it matters to the libtards. He could join the KKK and still be their nominee. Just look at Byrd, former klan leader (<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Byrd">100% verified true</a>), the libtards kept him in the Senate for years and years and years. Obama could be stealing black babies, drinking their blood and roasting them on the grille for block parties and the libtards would be saying "That doesn't matter! It's about the issues!"
  5. hughb


    I noticed that as he announced his "resignation" he was also wearing an American flag lapel pin. He's coming around just like he supposed to. Pretty soon he'll announce that Rodney King deserved to be beaten.

    Frankly, I think he's making a mistake. He didn't need to "resign" from his church. He was handling the problem just fine as far as I'm concerned. Leaving the church won't have any effect on him except for losing a few votes from voters who view him as a traitor now.
  6. its funny how the neocons support parsley and hagee when they usually mock their types. LOL this is fishier than a rosie O'donnell sleepover.
  7. The cons need support from the religious right.
  8. the religous right that nuts like mccain's preachers attract aren't worth the effort. they will vote mccain anyways.
  9. TGregg


    And who will these disenchanted voters pull for? McCain? Naw. Both parties are well aware they have their base by the short and curlies. The republicans ran out their fringe years ago, so they can drift left and capture the middle ground. All 8 voters that want smaller government (OK, maybe 12 of us if you go nationwide) are screwed, who are we going to vote for?

    That plus the moonbats that make up a big part of the democrat party mean the democrats have to shift left as well. I suppose one could anticipate an easy victory for McCain under these conditions, and it may well happen. Unless he's busy banging a male intern when he should be elsewhere or something else major.

    But still, both parties are well aware that some petty difference like your primary nominee getting shafted won't affect the general election. What are you going to do? Vote for the other guy? I'll be writing "None of the above" for president. Or maybe Rush Limbaugh just to drive the left insane.