Obama leads McCain 52% to 36%

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    Barack Obama leads John McCain by a 52% to 36% margin in Pew’s latest nationwide survey of 1,325 registered voters. This is the fourth consecutive survey that has found support for the Republican candidate edging down.

    Just as ominous for the Republican candidate, Obama holds a 53% to 34% lead among the sizable minority of voters (15%) who say they have already voted. Among those who plan to vote early but have not yet voted (16% of voters), 56% support Obama, while 37% support McCain.

  2. That looks within *The margin of error* for McCain, if the "margin of error" involves every single democrat staying at home on Nov 4.

    I think this will be very very significant, not only will he lose. He'll take the entire Republican party with him.

    They just said on CNBC he's for buying mortgages. If that's not socialism for the homeowner, what is it ????
  3. Damn!

  4. It's American to root for the underdog.

    Go McCain,
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    I hate when Mac says he's the underdog. He's not!

    The Bush administration has been in office for 8 years and Mac supported them 90%!

    So again, how is Mac the underdog here?

  6. When the Afghan Northern Alliance with the help of the US routed the Taliban, who did you root for?
  7. I agree - and it looks like America is going to vote for the underdog, and he is going to win by a landslide.

    Go Obama.
  8. that poll was taken in the MSNBC newsroom
  9. Yes. And that same newsroom was full of naked short-sellers.

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    A newsroom full of naked MSNC Reports. Thank you for that image. Where's the whiskey?
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