Obama Lawyers Defend "Kill Lists"

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    When I read the linked article I could not believe the arrogance of Obama. This is the man that has almost no self control, and seems to engage his emotions first before anything else and he is trying to get this degree of power!


    I have also attached the article as a pdf
  2. Ho-lee-shit!

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    "The full contours of the government's position would allow the executive unreviewable authority to target and kill any U.S. citizen it deems a suspect of terrorism anywhere," CCR attorney Pardiss Kebriae told IPS.

    "As the government would have it, while non-citizens detained at Guantanamo Bay can challenge the deprivation of their liberty by the United States, a U.S. citizen could not challenge an impending deprivation of his life by his own government."

    Yeah that sounds about right for a flaming liberal like Dumbo.

    And yet our leftist brethren will still vehemently support him.
  4. Looks like you assholes better go out and buy some helmets or something. :D
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    Already did.

  6. hehehe..
  7. Good luck

  8. They are mostly on our side :p

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    You don't know much about weapons or ballistics do you?
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    "There Is No War on Terrorism"

    Nice article that points out that one person's freedom fighter is another person's terrorist! well worth a read! link


    article attached as pdf
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