Obama kool-aid drinkers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Clubber Lang, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. How can anyone believe a word that guy says anymore?

    He hasn't delivered on anything he promised.

    The only thing he has succeeded to do was force health care on people who don't want it and setting race relations back 40 years.
  2. pspr


    You're not watching the SOTU speech are you? I'd rather watch a documentary about the energy in the universe. (which is what I am doing).

    I'll wait for the analysts who did watch it to tell me in condenced form what foolishness Obama spewed from his lips.
  3. Basically the Obama-ites are largely the "Anti-Bush" crowd. Instead of actually defending the guy, they go into attack mode against all things Bush. Then again, that's why this country is circling the drain. Each President is worse than his predecessor. If Bill Clinton could run again, the guy would probably win in an absolute landslide.
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    hee hee, Obama is going to train Americans for jobs.. except if all the Black folk had jobs with paychecks they would become Republicans... so he shows some white woman as his "targeted worker"... yeah, go get a job whitey, we Democrats need your tax revenues!! Wear yourself out working so we can keep on cashing in on you!!

    The only people in the US that have to pay taxes are those getting paychecks where the employer confiscates the tax before the employee even sees it. Corporations come out ahead in the tax game, small businesses can donate to any politician and get a complete exemption from paying income tax [read the tax codes sometime, that is exactly what 90% of it is], low income people don't pay taxes after the Republican Revolution reformed the tax laws, people in the underground economy don't pay income taxes...

    The left went from "workers, organize and lose your chains" to having to get all their revenue from workers! I think that the Universe is giving the left the finger right in their proud faces!!

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