Obama, kin to the very first slave

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  1. Oh, man that is too funny.

    President Obama is proud of this?
    His ancestor tried to cheat the system got caught and became a slave as a result.

    Then he mates with a white woman who was free and his children are born free.

    Then they were successful landowners :D :D :D a euphemism for slave owners (most likely).

    So my question is if they were successful here why/when did they slink back over to kenya?
  2. This is about as realistic as the supposed "diary" of some white girl he hooked up with in NYC as a student. "Geneologists" and the media are obsessed with people 400 years ago but can't be bothered to look into Obama's own birth records, college applications, test scores, transcripts, mentors and how he and his wife got lucrative no-work jobs in chicago.

    Obama's whole career is basaically a fantasy, except for the part where he is destroying our country.
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    "Genealogists seem to be fascinated with the current president's family tree: The site has also traced an Irish branch of Obama's family. And researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society claim he is the distant cousin of movie star Brad Pitt and six past presidents, including George W. Bush."

    It sounds like Obama wasn't the first black President then.
  4. Yeah, they know everything possible about him except where he was born.
  5. the obama experience is all smoke and mirrors.
    Quite frankly obama isn't African American to start with.
    He's 1/2 white and grew up in white households and lived in Hawaii.
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    Nailed it! Great post!
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    It is, and for something equally good search for his post on how the moon landing was faked.
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  9. :p only funny cause it's TRUE!
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