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    Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo said the new information confirms the document presented to the American public in April 2011 is undoubtedly fraudulent.

    Arpaio told WND he intends to move the investigation and the new information to a higher authority within the federal government because of what he calls an imminent threat to national security and U.S. immigration laws. The threat is posed by a flaw in Hawaii’s law discovered by his investigators that allows a foreigner to obtain a Hawaii birth certificate.

    “Although I am having a difficult time deciding who to forward this information to given the fact that the obvious choices report directly to the president, I cannot stand by and hold on to information that threatens to weaken national security,” Arpaio said.

    Arpaio said he intends on keeping a case file open if more information surfaces or if federal authorities decide to ignore the case.

    Zullo explained that along with new information discovered regarding the birth certificate since the posse’s March 1 press conference, his team has discovered Hawaii provides easy access to a birth certificate, even if the child wasn’t born in the state.

    Under Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8, a person only has to be an established resident of Hawaii, not necessarily a U.S. citizen, and pay taxes there for one year to be able to register an out-of-state or foreign-born person with an official Hawaii birth certificate.

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    At the least, Obama owns the public an explanation of why his literary agent said that he was born in Kenya.
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    And why is college records say he is a foreign student.
  4. This is definitely what Romney needs right now.Go for it Mitt !!!
  5. I honestly believe the birthers will be vindicated in years to come but the problem is , it's irrelevant now and going forward until he loses office.

    And yes once the facts are known people need to go to jail.

    Hopefully whomever is President in 2024 will not pardon him or his wife.
  6. Personally, I wish him a MUCH worse fate.

    :mad: :mad:
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  8. Oh Gawd, birthers. History is not look upon you kindly, sir.:D
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    The present isn't doing them any favors either.
  10. Oh Gawd, Bainers. History is not look upon you kindly, sir.:D
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