Obama keeps his promise on getting combat troops out of Iraq

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  1. One of President Barack Obama's top promises during the 2008 campaign was to bring the war in Iraq to a close. A major step, he said, would be to get combat troops out of the country by about 16 months after taking office.

    Obama went a few months over that 16-month timeline, but he accomplished the removal of combat brigades this week. Given the scope and complexity of the Iraq war, he's come close enough to fulfilling his promise that we're rating it a Promise Kept. Read the complete update for the history of Obama's promise to remove combat troops from Iraq.

    We've also included this promise on our list of Obama's top 25 most significant promises. Those promises now stand at 11 In the Works; 6 Promise Kept; 4 Compromise; 3 Stalled and 1 Promise Broken.

  2. BTW, Did you count this?
    This is Obama at work trying to guarantee an Iraqi loss for the US
    Fortunately the grown-ups were in charge at the White House.

    What you mean is that Obama fulfilled Bush's promise.

    WASHINGTON -- Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama said Tuesday U.S. combat forces should be out of Iraq by spring 2008 to end "a foreign policy disaster" but he stopped short of endorsing a cutoff in funds.

    The Illinois senator introduced a bill to force the redeployment under law

    Obama's bill would cap troop levels in Iraq at the early January level of around 130,000, when Bush announced he would send 21,500 additional U.S. forces to Iraq. It would require that troops begin coming home on May 1 with the goal of removing all combat brigades by March 31, 2008.
  3. What exactly is an Iraq win? Wasn't the mission accomplished long back? I am sure the grown-ups did a helluva job back then, Iraq war turned out to be a major accomplishment in only so many years.
  4. I heard yesterday that he was two weeks early.
  5. Any dates set were set by Bush / Cheney.
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    How many troops still in Iraq?
  7. Only a mere 50,000.:eek:
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    When he campaigned on pulling out the combat troops from Iraq, he was talking about all troops and calling an end to the war......... . Now the Dems would like us to believe he's keeping a promise by pulling out those troops designated as combative, while some 50K+ troops are still there in harms way?????

    Typical political BS

    I wonder if they will cut their" Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay" for those soldiers left in Iraq, seeing as it's now such a vacation-land.
  9. This is consistent with Obama's promises from the campaign, when he emphasized removing combat troops but keeping other types of troops. Here's what Obama said at debate on Jan. 15, 2008: "We are going to have to protect our embassy. Were going to have to protect our civilians. We"re engaged in humanitarian activity there. We are going to have to have some presence that allows us to strike if Al Qaida is creating bases inside of Iraq. ... but it is not going to be engaged in a war, and it will not be this sort of permanent bases and permanent military occupation that George Bush seems to be intent on."

    We should note that the present agreement between Iraq and the United States calls for all troops to be out of Iraq by the end of 2011. The New York Times recently outlined a State Department plan to use private security contractors for diplomatic personnel, and some observers have questioned whether the 2011 deadline for troops leaving is realistic.

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    We will bring our troops home and put an end to this war, you can take that to the bank?

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