Obama Justice Dept. Ignores Cases That Involve Black Defendants And White Victims

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Jul 7, 2010.

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  2. Good on Barack. Keep it up. Even the score a little after 100s of years of one-way trend whities fckin the blackies every which way! :) :D

    Good preparation for others who might start thinking big too, i.e. if a black man can get there, why not a gangbanger from East LA? :)

    And for the George Bush twice-voter chump complaining in another thread about Barack's subservient bow to the Jap prime minister, dig this, if a lowrider becomes the next stateside president, he'll have the Jap or any other dignitary in a choke hold, bust a knee-cap and call 'em Holmes within 5 secs of into.

    Then the real party starts!!!! :D

    Yeah baby, KARMA has come avisiting to America!!!!!

    And what a time KARMA picked? .... catch 'em all loaded to the hilt with credit, collective SAVINGS RATE @ 0% (now shot past 5 or 7% ? as a wave of terror of a different sort dwarfed that of the muslim variety) and just a mere 2 paychecks away from the Salvation Army!!!! :D :D

    And KARMA iced the cake .... the bums here came to ET to get free money from the market by trading!!!!!!!!! :D :D

    But the last laugh might be on KARMA because these bums are all papermarauders and even at that, the worst bounty hunters in existence!!!!!

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    Yeah, bfd, Blacks accept tokens as payment... they have token legal superiority. They can't have jobs in the private sector, you know, those interesting jobs that pay a lot? That's because some leftist lawyer is waiting to royally screw anybody that hires them. So careers are out for most of them unless they can get jobs in the public sector and there are only so many of those to go around... gee what does that leave? Welfare and crime and that's all in the ghettos!! So the Democrats, who would be dead in the water were it not for the 95% of black votes they get, will do anything, spend any amount of $, screw over any Whities to keep those lame brained blacks voting for their own enslavement in welfare ghettos!! Blacks get the occasional riot to blow off steam but their welfare areas are controlled by criminal organizations, their family structure is destroyed, they have all the abortion clinics in the entire country, nearly, in their neighborhoods, but they have won!! They get to shit on whitey every so often!! Go Black Democrats!!

    Don't forget, the government is here to help us all!!

    Now some asshole will call me a racist...
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    Eric Holder is going to end up in prison himself. What a racist shvartza twat.

    We should be debating the location of his trial.
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    Interesting that none of the resident lefty kooks have chimed in.

    Crickets chirping.
  6. Obama is a HUGE RACIST... as bad as Senator Byrd in his KKK days.

    Obama seeks to build a "minority coalition"... favoring Hispanics and Blacks.. hoping their vote, along with the Radical Left... will get him re-elected. To accomplish his goal, he's saying, "SCREW AMERICA, ITS HISTORY, EVERYTHING WE'VE BEEN AND EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR."

    Obama's picture should be #1 on the Post Office BB.


    :mad: :mad:
  7. Obama seeks to divide the country along racial lines in order to promote his personal agenda... might as well be 1850 all over again.
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    Fairly often our resident righty kooks get a thread like this one going and they all chime in saying the same things they always do, entirely to each other, and of course getting full agreement all around. It's kind of a mutual high-fiving thread.
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