Obama just won second term

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  4. If Gas is $5/gallon next year Obama could wipe his ass with bin laden.

    Economy is everything. On the other hand, the real impact of this could be to spook any serious Republican candidate and leave them with a field of clowns such as Palin/Trump etc.

    Reading between the lines, I suspect this will lay the groundwork for leaving Afghanistan a.k.a "declare victory and withdraw".
  5. As a candidate, during the 2008 election campaign Obama repeatedly vowed: "We will kill Osama bin Laden." And so it proved.

    Palin and everyone else can suck dick.
  6. Yup and all the naysayers especially McCain said he had no experience in national security.
  7. I've read repeatedly that Obama has killed more top level Al Quada leaders in his 2 years as President then Bush did in 6
  8. How come when its the economy we talk about, you obamanites say "it was bush that laid the framework for the collapse" But when bin laden gets kill, bush gets no credit for laying the framework? Its like you all think Obama went over to pakistan and killed bin laden himself.
  9. In all probability, Osama has been dead since 2002 or so. The fact that they expended their biggest bogeyman now should be telling. I wonder what AMT4SWA thinks about this.
  10. Because bush focused on Iraq instead of focusing on getting Osama bin ladin. Obama said he was going to get him and he did.

    Bush failed to stop 9/11 and he failed at getting Osama.
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