Obama Jumped into a Raging Fire

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  1. Obama knew he was jumping into a raging fire (USA) when he contested USA presidential elections in year 2008. If obama did not have any new solutions to save USA, why did he become president? Obama has copied and pasted Bush's decisions. In fact Obama has crossed the limit of making worse decisions. If you cannot stand the heat, do not play with fire.

    All of Obama's decisions result in negative for the USA economy and its citizens. It seems God is angry with Obama. The biggest problem with Obama is that he speaks too much. People who speak too much, they never succeed in their life.

    Obama says to USA "It is only words, words are all I have for you".
  2. In 2008, Odumbo had not "solutions" for America nor does he have any now. He wanted to be "the big cheese", and he's a Marxist... hell-bent in doing all he can to destroy free and capitalist America and replacing our culture and government with State-ism.

    He's got a God complex... HE IS GOING TO CHANGE AMERICA TO BE WHAT HE HOPES IT TO BE... Hitler, Stalin, Mao... all had the God complex... as did Bush, though perhaps to a lesser degree.
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  4. Barack Obama was pushed in front because nobody wanted to be USA president in year 2008 since everybody knew they would be staring at a debt of $25 Trillion to $50 Trillion and Afghanistan and Iraq.

    In real world, when there is a raging fire, people are attracted towards the fire but when they come close to the fire, they cannot stand/bear the heat so people run away. This example can be applied to USA because people want to be USA president because of $14 Trillion economy and world's most powerful USA army. But when they become USA president they cannot stand the heat.

    I think all year 2012 USA president candidates will withraw/back off from the presidential run at the last moment.

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    If George Bush would have been President for the third term then I think George Bush would have taken back $700 billion given to giant companies.

    George Bush had said "under normal circumstances I would have allowed the companies to fail but this is an extra ordinary situation".
  7. Very good observation Bearice.

    Obama talent is raising money. He's a poster boy. He already said he's going to raise a billion dollars for 2012. The problems of the US are pesky gnats that are beneath him.
  8. Don't recall which year, but it could have been 2000 or 2004, some British journalist/newspaper commented on the "$4 Billion" Americans spent on the election... and asked "why spend that much"?

    The answer... "Because it's worth it".

  9. Halloween spending expected to hit $5.8 billion | ReutersSep 24, 2010 ... NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Whether it's ghosts or goblins or candy and costumes, Americans are ready to spend far more on Halloween.
    I would think electing a free Government should be worth at least the same as a day full of candy corn.
  10. I dunno.. at least when we spend $5.8 Billion on Halloween candy, we GET SOMETHING for our money.

    And "free Government"? What's that? Hmmm.... seems I read about that in American history... but that was 200 years ago.
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