O'bama is the hack I thought he was.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by flytiger, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. He 's calling for tougher energy efficient standards for appliances.

    How captured is this idiot? Nobody can buy an applliance, and he wants to raise the cost.

    My god, the left is the marionette to this poor bastards dance. What a disaster this guy is.
  2. "O'bama?" You mean that nice Irish lad?

    Did Obama not make a pledge for more green in his presidential campaign? Were you not awake or sober during that time? Would you not be ridiculing him right now if he backed off that promise? Do you not want manufacturers working a little smarter?

    How difficult it must be for you, being the only smart guy left.
  3. Lucrum


    Maybe that's what the Obama (Hitler) Youth program is for, confiscate those pesky old appliances.
  4. I wonder how that lady's doin'. You know, the one that didn't have to worry about her mortgage, or putting gas in her car.

    difference between Barry and Benny Hinn is, Benny has a better gig. It's only after you're dead you know he screwed you.
  5. TGregg


    Please. The Obamassiah has only recently assumed the throne. Give him a couple years, then she really won't be worrying about those things any more. She'll be worrying about having enough firewood and food for the winter.
  6. Lucrum


    You think it will really take that long?

  7. Yes, but Hillary's refrigerator will use less electricity.

    Karl Marx lives.
  8. And now he's saying, "pass my stimulus now, or catastrophe........"

    Paulson is somewhere warm, nodding his head saying, "he learns fast.........."

    Friggin' Exxon Valdez had better navigation.
  9. Before it was "bipartisanship". Now, when the Republicans balk, it's.

    "I WON! Fold your tent."

    What a sleaze. If you're going to do it, ,do it. You get all the credit, or the crown of thorns.

    What a disaster. Frying pan to the fire.
  10. His whole presidency will be over within the 1st month, going down with this stimulus.
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