Obama is the elitist?

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How many houses do you own?

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  1. When McCain was asked "How many houses do you own?" he wasn't sure:

    "I think — I'll have my staff get to you, It's condominiums where — I'll have them get to you."
  2. 4 years ago the republicans were attacking Kerry calling him out of touch with the common man, living off of his wife because he married Theresa Heinz, a rich heiress...

  3. maxpi


    Obama supports the teachers unions over vouchers and sends his kids to private schools... figure it out for yourselves..
  4. Same as the Clinton's.

    mccain's are incrediblty wealthy and probably have an army of financial advisors, cpas and lawyers working for them.

    Ask Teddy Kennedy how many crimes his immediate family has committed over the last 20 years and I bet he can't remember them all either.

  5. McCain's wife is incredibly wealthy, and McBush has been gravy training her...

  6. Economics 101 question: You give everybody $1500 towards private schools.

    What happens to the prices of private schools?
  7. Given that private schools are far under capacity, nothing.

    Milwaukee has the most comprehensive voucher system in the nation. 18,000 children. The vouchers max out at $4900 but tuition costs are actually averaging 10% less than the allocated figure.
  8. So we should do away with government loans and scholarships? I didn't think so.
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