Obama is the anti-Christie

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  1. Chris Christie speaks his mind.

    If Obama's mouth is open, it's to increase his power and influence.

    Obama the anti-Christie, and Obama is the anti-Christie, trademarked and copyright, all rights reserved!
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    He isnt only the Anti-Christie, He is also the Anti-Christ
  3. I'm anti obesity as well
  4. Lucrum


    No surprise here

    Cute thread title :)
  5. I thought up "The Global Warming Hoax". Now it's everywhere.

    Sometime in the near future you'll hear this on your TV.
  6. More vicious personal hate against Republicans.

  7. Funny I never see you point this out when Obama and democrats are personally attacked on here
  8. 377OHMS


    Obama began to campaign for reelection just after his inauguration. He seems to me to consider the trappings of the office as a sort of trophy. His wife seems to consider her husband's office as her personal travel agency.

    Not much sensitivity from either regarding the image that presents to the millions of unemployed and disaffected or those that are footing the bill. It is really extraordinary and it will be over in about 16 months.

    Obama's legacy will be far worse than Carter's. Carter was no Louis-Auguste and Rosalynn was no Marie Antoinette.
  9. JamesL


    Proper title should read Christie the anti-Obama - the negative should always be preceded by the positive.