Obama is that one

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  1. -the one who is going to raise your taxes
    -the one who is buddies with terrorists
    -the one who is against free market capitalism and free trade
    -the one who thinks smalls towns people are bitter and cling to guns, religion, and the constitution
    -the one who is opposed to drilling and nuclear power
    -the one who is for teaching sex ed to kindergartners
    -the one who is for partial abortion
    -the one who stiffed the 18 million Hillary Clinton voters
    -the one who will lose
  2. You're more delusional then Mcsane
  3. ....the one who is leading the polls

  4. Why do you feel the need to make stuff up? Do you do it on purpose, or do you simply not know what you are talking about? It's one or the other.
  5. That one.... your next Commander and Chief.... that one
  6. stock_trad3r,

    your recitals from the neo-con bible makes us all very proud to witness your omniscient benevolence.
    Please tell us what is best for us - lead us out from this desert of darkness - master, our loved truth-holder.

    Etch it in - until we are all so(u)ld on your terms and market liberty. It is so nice to take part of your heroic freedom crusade.
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  8. sho-tim


    Don't you mean:

  9. Were you at this McCain Palin rally too?


  10. Had McCain repeated my list he would have won. Reverend Wright, bitter people, and William Aires is still fresh in voters minds. McCain needs to step it up in the third debate.
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