Obama is sort of God

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czOrnjmi4kY

    This is unbelievable. This guy is from Newsweek and he says Obama is sort of God. Then Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews replies to the statement and says "Yeah".
  2. Whereas you, on the other hand, have special knowledge that he is Satan.
  3. Dr. Jeckyll Island.

    U should b well aware of the cult of personality. This is why the President will have two terms. The revulsion of the people against Bush is almost visceral, especially along gender, age, and racial lines.

    These divisions put one particular sociodemographic group in the minority.

    In the past, this one group alone was a safe predictor of whom the President would b.

    This cycle, the other factors in play put this group on it's heels, and reactionary responses from them make people think of a home grown terrorist group, made so in 1871.

    Come up with another strategy or u will b left behind for the forseeable future.
  4. Lucrum


    "Obama is sort of God."

    The anti Christ is more like it.
  5. See?

  6. Huh? Do you really think this guy is going to get another term by simply blaming Bush? This, like your other posts, is in left field. Nice try though.
  7. Reminds me much of sentiment from 1981.

  8. Does this mean that you have no defense for the media calling him God?

    You sit there complaining about Fox News but I have never heard them call anyone God.
  9. Does one man have any defense for the "media" calling him any thing?

  10. This statement is not at least a little alarming to you. People in the media calling the President God.

    Do you think he is God Vodka? I think you do.
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