Obama is Responsible for UK Riots

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  1. Obama is Responsible for UK Riots?

    Today majority of world people think of Obama when they see a black person. I read some reports saying 90% to 95% blacks voted for Obama in year 2008. If the black person is in USA then people think he/she must have voted for Obama and still support him.

    7 days back, S&P 500 fell 7% and this is the most reputed for investment world. Italian police raided the office of S&P and Moody after the downgrade of USA debts.

    Today world economy is completely unstable and there is no end to financial crisis because somebody elected Obama as president of USA in year 2008.

    World people were already seriously angry because of Obama and when UK police shot dead a black man (minor incident) and the riots started, the already heated up other people joined the riots and it became serious.

    The world society is a tinder box and it just needs a spark to catch fire.
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  5. Not sure if Obama is responsible but he wrote on facebook.

    "Although I don't condone their actions, it was pleasing to see Britain's first truly multi-racial riots. There's something really heartwarming about seeing white chavs and black chavs standing side by side, living in the melting pot and smashing windows together in harmony."
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  7. USA president is the world's most powerful man so he is responsible for world situation.

    If you cannot take responsibility for world situation then do not become USA president or Russian President.

    If you can lift 10 kg weights only then never think of lifting 100 kg weights or else your back/spinal cord will be broken.
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