Obama is killing Afghanistan civilians.

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  1. GENEVA – The United Nations said Friday the number of civilians killed in conflict in Afghanistan has jumped 24 percent so far this year, with bombings by insurgent and airstrikes by international forces the biggest single killers.

    Obama..."Yes we can!!!"
  2. You must be thrilled that Obama is following in Bush's footsteps...

  3. Lucrum


    So BO is no different than Bush?

    Where's the "change"?
  4. Don't you think that McCain / Palin also could have killed civilians.

    The point is that the loony left made a big issue about civilian deaths. Without realizing this is part of war, this is part of being a superpower.

    Did they really think a Democrat would put a end to this? Why we all know that Democrats have a history of warmongering. Something about weak policies and trying to prove their manhood.
  5. You may have been drinking that kind of "Kool-Aid" but not me. One quick look to see who Obama appointed as his NSA and Defense Secretary would have told you that.

    Yet, conservatives on Faux News were ranting and raving about how Obama was going to "gut" the military and weaken the DoD and Pentagon.
  6. Oh yes, I believe McCain/Palin could have killed American civillians with their agenda...

    The hard left is not all that happy with Obama, or haven't you seen the poll numbers?

  7. Exactly.

    And that's why all of these neo-cons on ET are so laughable. Obama is a lot more "middle of the road" and mainstream than the far right want him to be. Otherwise, they have a difficult time attacking him and defining their own Agenda.

    And when it comes to Defense, I believe that the House GOP voted against the last War Supplemental. It barely passed, 226-202 and ONLY 5 REPUBLICANS voted for it.

    The GOP weak on Defense.
    Now I've seen it all.
  8. Maybe its because the dems put in $5 Billion for the IMF. What does the IMF have to do with the War Supplement? Its nice of you to leave that out. Yet another dishonest post by ET's resident liar.
  9. You just can't swallow the FACT that your beloved "train-wrecked" GOP didn't support the troops with the necessary war funding needed to get them to the new fiscal year.

    85% of the Emergency War Funding Bill from last month went to support the troops and military operations, not too mention their salaries. That's a FACT.

    173 Republicans voted against the Emergency War Funding Bill. That's also a FACT.

    The troops needed the funds in order to make it to the new fiscal year, which doesn't start till October 1st.

    Leave it to the GOP to not want to support the troops. No matter how you slice it (even with a measly $5 billion to the IMF), the GOP VOTED NOT TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS.

    The GOP did not support it.
    Those are the FACTS.

  10. LOL. 85% of the war supplemental went to support war and 15% didn't. I guess by Washington terms that is efficient, by any other measures that stinks.
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