Obama is going to trigger ww III

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  1. I ain't gonna worry about it... there are people that thrive on that kind of stuff, I knew one guy that thought the economic world was going to end before y2k even, he had a daughter with a progressive nervous disorder, he stopped feeding her!! She died and he did only 4 years... I know others that would get in fire fights with legitimate police officers today because they have been told that the government is not the legitimate one... they want to form up a commune in the desert... keep all those people under close supervision and keep them from forming up a commune or anything else, that's all I can recommend...
  2. OOOOHHHH, time to hitch a ride on a spaceship to Hale Bopp and join up with the Heaven's Gate crew. Or should we go to the cave where Pyotr Kuznetsov and his buds are hiding.

    btw, Here is a list of 100s of failed apocalyptic predictions:


  3. Eventually, one of those predictions is going to be correct.
  4. Which one; how do you know this to be; and when will it happen?

    Just like Jimmy Rogers.

  5. Not to worry, there is a safe and painless way out for those of you who are afraid Obama will begin WWWIII...

    <img src=http://img.timeinc.net/time/reports/cult/images/heavensgatepix/699p1.gif>
  6. if anything triggers wwIII within the next 6 years it will be the collapse of the Russian economy and the attempt of the russian leaders to escape the blame via the diverting of attention and assuaging of nationalistic sentiment with a MAJOR head on conflict instigated against the USA+NATO.

    Oh, and add the potential for a "power struggle" between Putin and Medvedev that would make such a conflict a useful tool in gaining the upper hand.