Obama is going to make trillions of dollars for america by pulling out the troops

Discussion in 'Politics' started by afuturetrader, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Whenever he is asked how he will solve a specific problem, he starts with; we are currently spending x billion dollars in iraq, we will spend that money on solving that specific issue.

    I just don't get how many times one can use the same dollar bill on different things. Either he thinks people are stupid or he is really stupid, but I think neither, they both are stupid.

    What he and most people fail to realize is that most of that money spent on iraq is actually money paid to american corporations or american troops and employees in iraq or in the states working on the iraq situation.

    Even if that wasn't the case, cutting the iraq cost is not sufficient to solve the economic problems.

    The economic problems we are seeing are mainly due to changes many other countries have made to the way they run their economy, including changes like globalization.

    I don't have the necessary data to prove this, but from my experience I see that the purchasing power of the US dollar has dropped alot in the last 10 years specially overseas. (There is a difference between the value of a currency and it's purchasing power, basically I'm talking about purchasing power parity and) I will give you an example of what I mean;

    let's say in 1990 one USD could buy 2 loafs of bread in the states, but could buy 100 loafs of bread in korea.

    now 1 USD buys 1 loaf of bread in the states, and only 5 loafs in korea.

    that is drop from 50 to 5, eventually this can get to a point where the PPP will become one, meaning a USD can buy the same thing here that it can buy almost anywhere else in the world, that is globalization