obama is gay and smoking crack?

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  1. That guy doing the video is a child molester and is dressed to go trick or treating with them.

    He beds down with sheep and performs fellatio on them.

    He married his sister and had a three-way with her and the sheep.

    All the above are proven facts.

    He also looks suspiciously like the starter of this thread.
  2. your school teacher, first of all.:mad:.
  3. Look at Obama's upper lip. It is shaped like a woman's. Look how he moves his hands when he comes down the steps when leaving Air Force One. He moves them like a woman would. He is a very feminine man that's for sure.
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    I've noticed this as well, and don't forget how he throws a baseball. Pure girly man.
  5. I thought Newsweek already declared him gay?
  6. Ask yourself why do you keep on seeking out the ' gayish ' in other men?
  7. Ricter


    We despise most in others what we fear most in ourselves.
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    I'm not "seeking" it moron. Just pointing it out, there's a difference imbecile.
  9. For example:

    You can like a person and dislike some of their characteristics or behavior.


    It is more likely you will dislike someone's character of being a drunk and your father was a drunk.

    You will know that is not someone who you want to be involved with for you know all the problems it will cause on down the line or road of life.

    Moral of story:

    Not what we fear in ourselves.
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