Obama is fully qualified

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  1. to be dogcatcher

    Only pinheads are impressed with his lame delivery and boilerplate rhetoric.

    I look forward to 4 years of hell
  2. AS soon as they were reminded who was president the market sold off hard.
  3. WTF do you expect him to do?? He is only president elect. Bush is still in control, if that is not obvious to you.

    Newsflash to the mentally challenged- Obama IS our next president, starting in late January. There is nothing you can do to change this, so you can either fight it and kill your own spirit, or accept it and adjust accordingly. We are at the worst point of US history, economically speaking, that we have been in 70+ years. There is no quick fix, and no person powerful enough to stop it. These problems are not Obamas fault, these problems are the fault of largely unregulated Wall street greed, and "free money for all" policies of the past several years. Debt is the enemy. Give the man his 4 years, if you don't like the result, the people will make the change at the voting booth.
  4. Just another one of those dorks sporting a "don't blame me I voted for Bush bumper sticker".:D
  5. I believe "Is our children learning is better"? STFU
  6. rally

    did Obama resign?
  7. told ya rally.

    up huge.

    next week is +1000