Obama is delusional

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Obama says the private sector is doing just fine, and in his mind the reason for the high unemployment rate is because government isnt big enough......

    Yeah Obama you got this one right, the private sector is doing just fine, and the reason unemployment is at 8.2% while we are running 1.3 trillion dollar deficits is cause we simply have not hired enough government workers......

    Obama clearly has zero understanding of the economy.....He is the biggest clown to ever sneak his way into the oval office...... The only person who openly flaunts their complete lack of understanding of economic matters as much as Obama is that troll Brass/Gabfly......\

    This is the kind of lunacy we are dealing with.....

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/DvUMvknc228" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. so i guess what he's saying is.. if the government hired every unemployed person that wants a job, we'd have a 0 unemployment rate.

    holy shit i think he just found the holy grail.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    LOL, lets fix the economy right now, its simple, all the government has to do is hire everyone who is unemployed.....

    Fuck Obama is a putz.....

    This is the guy who people on the left are still trying to proclaim is a genius.....
  4. Yannis


    Yes, that's right, it is the government grail thing....

    And then the government prints money to pay them, forces the farmers and factories to make their products available to everybody for free, and threatens whoever disagrees with imprisonment and death...

    Didn't we all see that movie at the Soviet Union Theater?

  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    We are not very far off.... Krugmans idea for solving the deficit is to spend more money, and Obamas plan for solving unemployment is for the government to hire everyone....... :D

  6. This was discussed alot a few years ago as we inched ever so close to the tipping point of greater than 50% of the US population either directly employed by the public sector OR entirely dependent upon public sector largesse to subsidize their basic "needs".
  7. Just hire everyone to dig holes, fill them in, dig holes, fill them in, dig holes, fill them in....
  8. yea he is either a retard, or intentionally out to ruin this place. There is no other explanation for this statement.. but these types of comments will help Romney for sure. So please, carry on Mr President.
  9. lindq


    I've never heard a better definition of Congress and federal regulators.
  10. Ricter


    He's absolutely right. Government, for a country of this size and complexity, which has chosen long ago to take on the costs (and benefits) of empiredom, is too small. (That's doesn't mean it's not too intrusive, however.)

    As to the deficit, taxes are too low, for the reasons I gave above.

    Amongst the whole lot of the other nations on the planet, we are a middling spender (relative to the size of our economy) and a below average taxer. That we typically run a deficit is thus no big surprise. What's a true wonder is that we do not owe more money to foreigners than we do.
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