Obama is blowing it...who the hell is advising him???

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  1. I cannot belie ve he is this stupid.....but OB is blowing it...I can't believe im saying this but South America may be right...Maybe Al gore would have been better then this knucklehead....He has spent the last two weeks talking about the 'inexperience" of the other guy's VP....EVERYONE i talk to is laughing becuase THAT IS HIS WEAKNESS!!!:confused: :confused

    And women I know who are DEMS are starting to say this is a witch hunt becuase she's a woman!!!..where is Biden's leadership and experience ???

    Who the Hell is advising this guy? With everything he could be throwing at the Republicans right now....he is choosing to go after the VP pick????

    Years ago the Press and all the Dems laughed at Dan Quayle as GW's VP pick and Dukakis kept talking about 'how qualified his VP was"....guess what? Nobody gave a F__K and the guy lost big..

    After all the hurt feelings of the women in the Hillary camp...is this where he should be spending his time and energy??? Sheesh

    I bet 100.00 that there was no way the repubs could possibly win in 08....it looks like im going to be out of money.....Who the hell is advising this guy???

    :confused: :confused: :confused:

    maybe Al gore would have been a better choice...
  3. Perhaps you're confusing this election with another country's election. Here's what the polls say in the world of reality:


    See all those blue numbers? Those are polls that slightly favor Obama as he continues to maintain a small lead as he has pretty much all along.

  4. McCains polling is more volatile. 8 point spread from his convention bounce to current polls.

    Goes to show the fickle nature of the middle. We all know the terror threats will go back up to red as the election nears. If the economy had been better, McCain would have won.

    I agree with the OP. Democratic advisers are mostly stupid high-road elite types.

    They think effete snickering and making condescending comments in private are enough to counter the McCain/Palin attack machine.

    Obama needs to boot out his effeminate advisors who connect to the public as well as oil connects to water.

    He needs a James Carville type running propaganda operations and hitting back hard.

    Carville would have hit back so hard, Palin would have taken the next flight back to alaska.
  5. Don't count your chickens, he may still win and continue the successes of the past eight years.


    Well McCain's got a pretty good tactic right now -- the Republicans (as always) game the press by constantly attacking them, and he runs constant attack ads. If Obama responds, McCain runs ads attacking Obama for not conducting a high road campaign.

    Umm... okay. What would Carville have done differently, in your opinion?

  6. First and foremost, he would make obama stop speaking in convoluted high-speak.

    Yes, we already got it. You are for "change".

    Now please explain what "change(s)" you'll be making.

    .....in ONE sentence. No one wants to hear a 1 hour thesis.

    Second. STOP even mentioning Palin. Obama should act like she does not even exist.

    Snickering about "pigs and lip-stick" don't fly with the masses.

    Third. Speak about the economy. Speak about where Bush went wrong. Point out why McCain will be a continuation of Bush.

    He should be in economically hard-hit areas like Ohio. Spend time on TV shaking WHITE blue-collar hands. They vote.

    Every second line that comes out of his mouth should include Bush/McCain.

    Even if it does not make sense.

    Example. Interviewer asks if he enjoyed the hot-dog at the local deli.

    Obama's answer: well off-course. That was delicious....but you do know McCain is more of Bush.

    Does not make any sense. Yet it should be there.

    And that is why Carville was so good. He knew the electorate to be pretty stupid. We all know that. he played into their stupidity.

    The trick is to act like you understand their stupidity and "pain" (what ever that means) .

    And keep on reminding the electorate why Bush is the source of all the "pain" and then simply connect McCain to Bush.

    How hard can that be? McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time.

    Obama should be using Biden to eviscerate and spit Palin out. there is so much there that one wonders why Obama's pissant advisers aren't digging deeper.

    Where's Biden? he seems AWOL leaving Obama to attack the opposing candidate(s) ( for fucks sake, the VICE presidential candidate at that). That sure makes obama look mighty presidential! N O T

    Obama needs to begin attacking mercilessly using his surrogates. Bring out Biden. All his effiminate advisers need to get their boyfriends dick out of their ass and be on TV attacking Palin 24/7. And connecting McCain with Bush.

    Or it will be the same result as Gore/Kerry.

    Obama has the same problem as Gore/Kerry.

    Effeminate advisers who think snide condescending remarks are the highest art-form to attack the opponent. They're too busy with their boyfriends dick stuck up their ass and it shows.
  7. Well if you're trying to say that the Democrats need to have daily talking points and repeat them ad nauseam like the robotic Republicans do, I agree.

    Actually that's one of Obama's points that he keeps making. So it is getting through.
  8. I hope you can read charts better than you can read polls.

    The polls (red for McCain) are at the top, the blue are at the bottom for Obama.
    The newest polls are put on top... the older ones work their way to the bottom of list.

    There is a trend here.
    McCain is jockeying ahead of Obama.

    Alas I will move back to Europe if McCain wins! :(
  9. Wanna try that again?

    You can only get so far with "robotic" followers sitting behind you at rallies waving their "Change" signs.
  10. Reagan got elected by having "robotic followers sitting behind him waving signs."

    So did Bush, twice.

    Republicans run on personality, and their whole campaign is to employ ad hominem to attack the personality of the opposition candidate.

    The Dems have traditionally run on issues, and having lost, they are just starting to understand that people aren't smart enough to make decisions who to vote for on political issues...it is a popularity contest.

    Obama is torn, because he wants to talk about issues, but he also knows that the people aren't going to understand the issues he is talking about.

    The issue is change, which is why the repubs are trying to divorce themselves from themselves, i.e. trying to distance themselves from their own president and their own corruption in D.C. by promoting McCain and Palin as agents of "change" in D.C.

    It is a scam of course, and the ads are all focusing on meaningless and swift boat style politics...which obviously works.

    Until the voters reject mud slinging and tell the politicians they demand substantive discussion of the issues and the specific plans to address the issues, Palin is going to hide, and McCain is going to deny what his campaign is doing.

    Obama has to play dirty politics, which in a way is a test of his strength in a street fight...which is what the run for the presidency is. It is a street fight, and right now he has been losing.

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