Obama is an anti-semite

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  1. By not agreeing to help Israel rid the world of Iran's nukes, Obama is siding with the terrorists.

    Obama's islamic links should be looked into, especially given his middle name Hussain.

    If found guilty, Obama should be sent to Guantanemo for an indefinite period.
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    Its JakeJones.
  3. every time the us has asked Israel to stop building settlements on occupied land or to stop some of their jack booted oppression tactics that inflame the middle east what are we told?
    we are already going bankrupt because of two wars due to religious strife. why should we start another one?
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    He's back - in the flesh!
  5. Obama's first Chief of Staff was Rahm Emannuel, an American Jew of Israeli extraction. His closest political advisor is David Axelrod, a Jew. There are plenty of Jews sprinkled throughout his administration. He may not kowtow to Bibi, but he is scarcely an anti-semite.
  6. Are you Jewish/Israeli? :confused: :p :eek: