Obama is affecting my health

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jamiejones, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. I am sick to my bones and have actually fallen ill, as a result of this african muzzie getting back into our White House.

    I am now bed bound. Why did we allow this boy to rule us?

    Our founding fathers would be rolling with disgrace in their graves.
  2. Does anyone else feel the same about the boy?
  3. No. Get professional help asap.
  4. I've been to the doctor. Just like my church, my doctor views the boy as someone who should never have even got a job as a White House janitor.

    The fact that there are enough of us willing to put this thing into power is incredible. We are finished as a nation and need to stop all illegal immigration.

    The west and east coast voters who thought it was ok to vote this boy in are on drugs and are not Christian.
  5. What your church leaders dont know or didnt tell you is , that boy made the Second Coming.:D.
  6. How does your brother Jake feel about all of this?
  7. "Jamie", you crack me up, whichever name you post under. Great satire. You mock the crazy right very well.
  8. He does it so well because he takes the dog whistles and just says them out loud. Great shock value.:D
  9. I am serious. You are a mere liberal and are a joke.
  10. Way to stay in character. LOL!

    I must say however that your satire is so over the top that it may be too obvious.
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