Obama is a weak president which hurts the economy.

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  1. Too bad these so called 'smart' people couldn't see this coming like the rest of us did 3 years ago.
  2. When will the critical mass of people come to realize that Obama may be dumb. In the same manner the Democrats like to tag Republicans with that label.
  3. Obama sucks but Palin would have sucked 100x worse.

    You can thank the GOP for Obama winning.

    He only won because of the McCain/Palin ticket.
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  5. I'm not sure I understand comparing a president to a potential VP.

    Compare Biden and Palin and it makes some sense.

    Obama would have won no matter who the repub candidate was just as he'll lose this election no matter who the repub candidate is.
  6. If McCain died, you really would feel comfortable with Palin.

    The first thing on everyones mind was the possibility of Palin somehow ending up president.

    Obama's victory was a fluke thanks to Palin, McCain choosing Palin said a lot about him as well.
  7. Absolutely.

    Obama's victory had nothing to do with Palin. Obama won based on a country soured by repubs and Obama selling himself as some great hope and change centrist. And throw in the sympathy black guilt vote thing and you have a infield home run.

    People are now waking up to the fact the being a good president has nothing to do with American Idol and the illusion painted by the media on how smart or dumb people are.

    Look at how the media sold Obama as a goddam genius. Look where this country is today. Some fucking genius.

    The media will always tell you what you need to know if you just reverse their message.
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    All too true. But don't forget that McCain is every bit as bad as Palin, plus he doesn't even have a good pair of boobs.

    If the Republicans had had the good sense to nominate Ron Paul, *that* would have been an interesting race. The pro-peace candidate vs. the pretend-to-be-pro-peace candidate. The Constitution candidate vs. the "living Constitution" candidate.