Obama Is A Marxist And Fanatical

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  1. It's true.
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    I'm convinced.
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    Of course, it's true.

    <img src=http://americainchains2009.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/barack-obama-communist.jpg?w=300&h=272>
  4. About as Marxist And Fanatical as Bush and Romney

    Iraq-Bush policy.Bush signed the deal to withdraw troops before Obama took office

    Afghanistan-expanded former Bush policy

    Homeland security-expanded former Bush policy

    Stimulus-following Bush who had 2 stimulus packages

    Bail outs-continued Bush's polices of bail outs

    Taxes-extended Bush tax cuts,Obama's stimulus package contained 275 billion in tax cuts or credits

    Obama care-Obama care was the Republican Congress health plan in the 90's and later Passed by Mitt Romney in Mass

    Deficits-unlike Carter and Clinton who had balanced or near balanced budgets,Obama has record breaking budget deficits like Reagan and Bush

    Amnesty-attempted amnesty for millions of illegals like Reagan did and Bush and McCain tried to do

    Gitmo-allowed Bush's torture prison to stay open
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    And yet you fervently support Dumbo anyway, what team are you on anyway?
  6. I do not support Obama,and have said so many times.I support democrats and democratic principles.Just because I disagree with idiot birthers and racist republicans do not mean I support Obama
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    Duly noted.
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    Spread the Wealth Around...


    Does that mean create opportunities in education and technology/commerce so that "everyone" can earn money somewhat more equally?

    Or does that mean simply take money earned by those who prepared in life and worked hard and give it to those who did neither?

    Which is it?

    I support the first. I will fight to the death over the second.

    So the details matter here. Which is it?
  9. Who has benefited more from Obama ? Wall Street ,banks,insurance companies,military industrial complex,the rich in the form of keeping Bushes tax cuts etc or the so called poor ?

    Obama's presidency is a combination of Bush's presidency and Romneys governorship .If he was white and ran as a republican you guys would love him

    I wish democrats would wake the fuck up and kick him out of the party
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    Wake up buddy. This is Odumbo we are talking about. It's the 2nd description, of course. :D
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