Obama is a disaster, buy a machine gun.

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  1. November 8th, 2012

    Economist Marc Faber spoke with Bloomberg television on Nov. 7 regarding the just completed presidential elections. In the interview, Faber had some very stark assessments of what he believes is in store for the economy, and for America.

    Faber on President Obama’s reelection:
    "I think Mr. Obama is a disaster for business and a disaster for the United States. The problem with Mr. Obama is that you get more regulation and it’s disincentive for businessmen to hire people. You probably also get higher taxes, so in terms of the economy, he is very negative in my view."

    Faber also said “I doubt [Obama] will stay at the presidency for another four years. I think there will be so many scandals” and that investors should “buy themselves a machine gun.”


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    This qualifies as a criot<sup><small>TM</small></sup>.
  3. And you qualify as a coward.
  4. wtf. big business has never been more profitable than under obama.
  5. That's how it works. Big business cronyism suppresses the freedom and opportunities of the small businessman.

    Makes them more dependent on government.

    Regulation makes it more costly for new bossiness to start, thus keeping competition down for the big existing businesses

    Unions need big business to operate
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    Then Faber's argument is nonsense.
  7. Small business creates jobs.
    Big business supports unions.

    Make small business strong and more people work.
    Obama is making big business strong. That is the problem
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    What does the data indicate, somewhere around 40% of all jobs in the US are in small business?
  9. yes, But all the growth is in small business
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    I can already hear that big swoosh that is the economy (and the country) being flushed down the toilet.
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