Obama interview, have at it haters...

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  1. We don't hate him. We recognize hm for what he is that he said he isn't.

    He's a politician. He said he wasn't . He wants 'change'. MY change, folding bills, everything, but he won't reform the system so my money is well spent. He has a questionable past at best and he won't come clean. He looks different, and has a funny name (just kidding).

    I'll give you some very, very bad news. I hear waitresses gush over Sarah Palin. "She's like us". Now, while I could make some very disparaging comments here, Palin is extremely bright, probably very opinionated and extremely Type a with great legs, that's the kind of stuff that gets you elected.

    I mean, African Americans look at Obama and say, 'he's one of us'. What's different?

    ANd lets face it. At McCains stage of life, he can kick some doors in. I 'm sure obama has an eight year plan followed by a 30 year plan for him to live very well off the system. We got one of those. and now, we have to deal with his pit bull wife.

    President John S. McCain. Sorta sings, don't it?:D
  2. Palin is smart, eloquent and has good social skills. She's hot too...

    But she's not so hot that she's "extremely bright"!
  3. Obama answers every question starting with:


    I think

    It could


    and so on.

    He knows he's an empty suit and the American people are realizing it, that's why he's imploding.

    You had to have known once he was scrutinzed he would fall apart. His big claim to fame is "reaching across the aisle for bi partisan support" to stop illegal weapons from entering the United States.

    Perhaps his next big world changing piece of legislation he writes will be to make it illegal to run people over when you are drunk and wearing a tank top.
  4. you don't want to see me in a tank top.

    I was musing the other day, I 'muse' quite a bit, that Hillary said, 'he couldn't win'. Now the Cllintons are probably the most capable politicians out there. And they are sitting there elbowing each other smirking.

    That being said, how did she lose to him? Bill couldn't contain his distain, and he blew it. I think McCain and staff know that.

    This really is so interesting. At least it would be if I wasn't so frightened of the Anointed one.

    Face it. The German/Invesco field Presidential Candidate Seal stuff was just stupid. He should just wear a sign:

    'Hate me'!!!!