Obama inauguration plunge?

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  1. Proof Obama is perceived as bad for the economy and Wall Street?
  2. the market's sure taken the blossom off this turd
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    crooks in wall street are probably afraid obama cleaning the mess and making more regulations making it hard to steal money in wall street so they close shop and leave the country now.

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    they hey days of republican ruled wall street 1994-2008 is over.

    deregulation in wall street and SEC controlled by the big boss man.

    14 years of theivery is over.

  5. guess again

    obama kneels before the same globalist masters
  6. skylr33


    lol. All of these Obama lovers think he's going to clean up wall street. Ain't gonna happen. Just watch!!!

    Republicans still have filibuster power in congress, so even if Obama tried to clean up wall street, the Republicans can stall or even kill any legislation that tries to do so. If the Democrats had gotten to the magic number of 60 in the senate, it would be a whole different story, but they didn't, as they are at 58, possibly 59 if Franken stays the winner in MN.
  7. he talked too much about responsibility and reform of greed.
  8. When does one particular event "prove" anything? If the market had gone up, would he then be proven as perceived as good??
  9. Obama get F on first day in job. He couldn't even say the oath without stumbling plus he damn sho can't manage a stock market.
  10. I agree.... Bush never stumbled and was able to manage the stock market in addition to the wars. If I were Obama I would ask Bush to lead the Federal Reserve.
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