Obama In His Own Words Wants Mandatory Civil Or Military Service

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Dec 14, 2010.

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  2. Great idea, but I can see why the phoney patriots would be against it. Wearing a flag pin on their lapel is as far as it goes with those types.
  3. Obama wants a civilian security force as strong as the military.

    TSA is a nice start..

    I wonder what his ACORN brothers an sista's think about this civilian service.
  4. 377OHMS


    Its the limousine liberals who will seek exemption for their own children. They don't wear flag pins and they don't do public service. They are more interested in buggery than duty.
  5. The important thing is that you wear your flag pin and bring attention to the sacrifice it requires of you to wear it. And here's a list of some of your brethren with whom you ought to discuss duty:





    Please forgive any unintentional overlap. It is getting harder to tell these gents apart on the basis of their conduct.
  6. Let's just stick with a professional , voluntary military. To have a disgruntled person ,who doesn't want to be there , handle killing machinery is a very bad idea.
    It will be a Fort Hood again on monthly basis.
  7. I don't buy that line of reasoning. There are plenty of non-combatant, REMF type positions for those of a more peaceful persuasion. They'll have no problem filling the ranks with the natural born killer types. Plenty of those to go around. Everyone should do 2 years military service. Everyone!
  8. I think it's a great idea. You seem to attach yourself to the Jewish state. Did you serve anywhere on the globe with any service?

  9. In his defense, phenomena's flag pin is particularly heavy.
  10. You don't buy it because you have no common sense.Killer in Ft Hood was not in combat unit and still managed to kill and wound plenty.
    #10     Dec 14, 2010