Obama in Canada

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  1. Obama is in Ottawa for the day on a working visit. Although there was very little in the way of ceremony at his arrival, the unanimously favorable and somewhat excited reception by Canadians is rather unlike that for any other US president or foreign dignitary that I personally recall. I expect that he will be as well received pretty much everywhere he goes, with little exception if any. The way he has captured the world's imagination is really quite remarkable.
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    Have you purchased your official Obama commemorative plate yet?
    Our neighbor gave us one. We tried to use it as a dog food dish but the dog refuses to eat out if it.
    She will shit in though.

    Any way when you see the messiah in person be sure to drop to your knees and chant "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy" as they did at the end of this clip.

  3. Man...you must live a great zip code if your neighbor's are buying commemorative plates.

  4. I guess you're just not used to having a thinking, charismatic president. Otherwise you probably wouldn't be embarrassing yourself this way.
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    This is kinda sorta funny. Those Obama commerative coins that Montel Williams was on TV pushing. Over half of the people who have ordered them have tried to get refunds. Evidently all they are are regular Quarters with a STICKER of Obama pasted over them. The sticker falls off after handling the coin for more then a few minutes and then your just left with your regular quarter. Even though half the people have requested refunds they still managed to sell nearly $200million in quarters with a sticker on them at $19, so I suspect they made out pretty well. The Obama scams will keep on coming.
  6. "The Obama scams?" What a clever choice of words, opening the door to a world of interpretation.

    Coin stickers. An internet business opportunity for you perhaps?
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    Do the US a favor dawg, and kidnap that mofo while he's up there, will ya?

    Hey BTW, when are you guys going to elect a "thinking, charismatic" (black) Prime Minister?

    jeez that's funny


    what's even funnier, is that in this discussion above, someone said they were a gyped, and to be political corrected that 'gype' is racist

    "Why do people still use "gyp?" It's as racist a term as "jew" when used this way. Would you ever post on TV Squad that you think the coins were an effort to "jew someone out of their money?"

    "Gyp" is short for gypsy, and in this context it reinforces the stereotype that gypsy cultures were dishonest thieves who would cheat you as soon as you let them. It's derogatory and racist. Stop using it."

    what a classic example of how truly fucked up our society has become
  9. imagine trying to retrofit these idiotic values back into a saner time

    Malloy "1 adam 12, a 459 at the jewlrey store, suspects described as a group of gypsies"

    radio "1 adam 12, be advised 'gypsie' reinforces a negative stereotype'

    malloy " 1 adam 12 roger, that's what they were - gypsies - i'm just trying to broadcast an accurate description'

    radio "1 adam 12 roger..........1 adam 12, please report to the station, see the diversity officer"

    malloy "1 adam 12 - fuck you'
  10. this is proof that USA has become OBAMA NATION. it is like 1933 all over again. what will it take to stop this man from destroying the once great nation of america?:mad:
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