Obama in bed with Insurance Co.

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  1. Say it ain't so. Does this scam have no bottom? The fee will make sure premiums don't skyrocket. And if believe that...

    Employers are bracing for a little-noticed fee in the federal health-care law that will charge them $63 for each person they insure next year, one of the clearest cost increases companies face when the law takes full effect.

    Companies and other plan providers will together pay $25 billion over three years to create a fund for insurance companies to offset the cost of covering people with high medical bills.

    The fees will hit most large U.S. employers, and several have been lobbying to change the program, contending the levy is unfair because it subsidizes individually purchased plans that won't cover their workers. Boeing Co. and a union health plan covering retirees of General Motors, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler, among other groups, have asked federal regulators to exclude or shield their insurance recipients from the fee.

    Insurance companies, which helped put the fee in the law, say the fee is essential to prevent rates from skyrocketing when insurers get an influx of unhealthy customers next year. The fee is part of a new insurance landscape created by the health law that will forbid insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

    The $63 fee will apply to plans covering millions of Americans in 2014. It applies to employers that assume the risk for workers' medical bills, and many private plans sold by insurers. The fee will be smaller for 2015 and 2016, though regulators haven't set those amounts.

    Few noticed the fee when the 2010 Affordable Care Act passed. Employers have spent recent months trying to peel it back, but final regulations published Monday in the Federal Register left it largely intact.

    Hey, I thought the insurance companies were evil. How did Team Obama ever let this get into the bill? Lefties, you got chumped again.
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    The sheep always get chumped. That's why they're sheep.
  3. Insurance companies, which helped put the fee in the law, say the fee is essential to prevent rates from skyrocketing when insurers get an influx of unhealthy customers next year.

    Had to laugh at that one.

    Something similiar is set up in NY insurance fund. The insurance fund had an enormous surplus. The increase in claims never materialized. Instead of reducing premiuims for employers the state took the cash, plain and simple. Here's the kicker, if the funds had remained invested (which they were before the state took them) the return on the investments would have been in the millions (by conservative estimates). So not only is the insurance fund out the excess but the value of future returns which could have lowered the premiums even further.
  4. It's gonna be a disaster, no question. #1 worst bill ever passed.. it's so bad that it has to be intentional so they can push for single payer. If not, then just imagine how fucked up fully govt run health care would be.
  5. No we didn't Cap.We understand that Obamacare is only temporary

    I'll let one of your right wing brothers explain it to you

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    Ak is completely out of the closet. Pure socialist. It will bite him in the ass one day, if he ever moves out of his parents’ house.
  7. yea really and then try to use the Constitution when it suits you. The fed govt has no authority to be running healthcare according to that document, which happens to be the law here. Why not just be honest and say that you're a socialist? At least ricter can do that.

    Socialism and The US Constitution can't coexist.
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  9. Respectfully disagree. Imo The General welfare clause allows government to get involved in healthcare

    I have no problems with socialism. I would prefer pure socialism over pure capitalism but there is a lot I like about capitalism .When The private sector proves it cant handle something(like healthcare) I think the government should
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    There you have it. Too bad AK didn't overhear some of my conversations in person today with a Cuban who came here as a child.
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