Obama: I voted as a Senator to help my career, not the country

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. The GOP has just found a campaign sound bite for the Presidential campaign of 2012 and it came from the world's greatest orator himself: Barack Obama.

    Here is what President Obama told ABC News George Stephanopoulos regarding his Senatorial vote in 2006 opposing a debt increase:

    I think that it's important to understand the vantage point of a senator versus the vantage point of a ... president. When you're a senator, traditionally what's happened is, this is always a lousy vote. Nobody likes to be tagged as having increased the debt limit for the United States by a trillion dollars. ... As president, you start realizing: 'You know what? We -- we can't play around with this stuff. This is the full faith in credit of the United States.' And so that was just a example of a new senator, you know, making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country.