Obama, "I say opposites every speech and the press will buy it"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by r-in, Jun 2, 2010.

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    What a clown! Almost every statement he makes in his speech he contradicts. Government shouldn't help everyone, but they should. We shouldn't give tax breaks to whichever group, because it is evil, but we should to the groups I select, because giving money to those that do nothing is right. If you can't pay for your kid to go to college, the government should. Really?! WHY? Isn't that why your kid takes out a loan? Maybe with kids having to pay for school instead of Mom and Dad, or the government with loans they aren't required to pay back, as the goevernment will say " oh well, it's ok", people would push colleges to reduce their b.s. tuition. Maybe they would have to learn LEAN principles and chop the fat at the universities. For those who hate Bush, you can't honestly tell me the social agenda of government holding your hand for everything is a good alternative. That is what Obama and the "oh woes is me" generations seem to think. I have my big screen tv, my new vehicle every 3 years, my house I couldn't afford, and by God the tax payers should bail me out as I am just too plain stupid to manage my own life.
    What a bunch of crap.
  2. god awful leadership qualities
  3. Are you boys sure you got enough roughage today?
  4. Bush?


    Obama is no good but you would like Bush back? LOL. At least Obama is better then Bush.

    Are you 18 years old?
  5. This certainly does not belong in the Wall St. News forum.
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    Says the guy who admits to abusing dietary fiber.


    Are you?
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    Being that I was commenting on a speech by the President of The U.S. and how he relates to our economy, maybe it should be in economics, but Politics and Religion?
    Overall I don't care. I do call my representatives, and show up at meetings, ask questions, demand answers. This is just another internet forum, so I really shouldn't expect too much useful input.
  8. At least appreciate the irony.