Obama: I felt like an imposter because I was so white.

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    PUBLISHED: 18:59, 2 May 2012 | UPDATED: 15:57, 3 May 2012

    He has modelled himself as a cool, calculated leader of the free world.

    But at the age of 22 Barack Obama had a strong 'sexual warmth' that overwhelmed his girlfriend at the time, according to a new book that identifies her for the first time.

    She said that on Sundays the future U.S. President loved to lounge around bare chested in a white and blue sarong whilst doing the newspaper crossword.

    In a controversial claim she also recounted how he was deeply confused about his racial identity and 'felt like an imposter because he was so white'.

    In the end Mr Obama, who was raised in Hawaii by his white mother, decided that he needed to 'go black' because it was best for him.

    Ms Cook has long been hailed as the 'mystery woman' from Mr Obama's days in New York that he wrote about in his own memoir.

    This is the first time she has been identified or revealed her extensive diaries from the time she and Mr Obama dated.
    The disclosure are from a forthcoming book, 'Barack Obama: The Story' by David Maraniss and features in the June edition of Vanity Fair.

    The extracts reveal Mr Obama and Ms Cook met at a Christmas party in New York's East Village in December 1983 when she was 25, three years older than him.

    The book reads: 'If she felt like an outsider, he was a double outsider, racial and cross-cultural. He looked black, but was he? He confessed to her that at times: 'He felt like an imposter. Because he was so white. There was hardly a black bone in his body.'

    'At some point that summer she realized that: 'In his own quest to resolve his ambivalence about black and white, it became very, very clear to me that he needed to go black.'

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    So, he had a tanning booth put in the White House?
  3. Of course he had to go "black" that's where all the racial bennies from the govt are.
  4. Wonder when all of his boyfriends are going to come out.
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    I'm of the opinion we have a couple of them posting right here.
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    He certainly wasn't going to get into Harvard as a white guy. :)
  7. He could have put Amerind down for his race
  8. pspr


    Or Blite
    Or Whack
  9. He is an impostor what would a kid growing up in a white household in Hawaii know about being black in the Continental US?