Obama Hype

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Gone.
  2. His job approval on 1/23/09 was 73%.

    Yesterday new polls came in and his job approval is down to 63%.

    I expect a very dramatic drop in the next 4-5 months below 45%.

    If Obama actually starts cutting taxes like he should he will lose far left support but will gain the countries support when the economy actually picks up.

    Obama's connection with the far left will ultimately bring his down fall. He may become the fastest and most contemptible president ever.
  3. Have you not sold him short yet?

    If not ..Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb (South Park tm)

  4. I love that episode. smart, smart smart smart, smart..
  5. dave74


    This Obama bubble is bursting right before our eyes. It is a mania, and is crashing like all the others.
  6. Cesko


    You wouldn't guess it from magazines covers. Dumbest of dumb profession still going at it.
  7. Doesn't help the cause now that democrats from the senate are speaking out about the wasteful spending is on this stimulus.