OBAMA: "How's Business?", BUSINESSMAN: "Terrible Since You Got Here"

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    While campaigning in Ohio, Obama had this exchange with a business owner:

    Potus stopped to meet people waiting for him, where he did the requisite hand-shaking, high-fiving and the rare baby-holding before going on to chat with proprietors at Turczyk's Meats and the adjoining Larry Vilstein's, Christopher Bakery and Edward Badbuster & Son. He then asked the proprietor at Rolston Poultry how business was going. "Terrible since you got here," the man said. Pool could not get close enough to the Rolston Poultry man to get his name or political affiliation. Potus didn't appear amused by the sentiment.

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    Tsing Tao

    If true, that man deserves some kudos for his candidness. Few people would have the balls to say that to the President's face.
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    I would. You would. Lucrum would say something they couldn't print in the news. :D
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    :D :D

    You're absolutely GD right I would.
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    I would certainly hope your tax records were in order before you stretched your vocal chords in such a way!
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    New Hampshire business owner says of Obama:

    Berlin resident David Viger says Obama’s tax and regulatory policies have hurt and in some cases shut down local businesses. The 61-year-old auto repair shop owner says he is eager to vote for Romney.

    “Romney is a successful businessman. Obama is not,” Viger said. “Obama has no clue on how to run a business. Obama couldn’t run a lemonade stand.”

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    Fuck Obama, and his "brown shirts" IRS.
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    I've been to Berlin, NH.

    I'm in Concord as we speak.
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    Get out of there before those liberals catch you!!!! :D
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