Obama, Hoover, and our descent

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    Why do democrats lie, say and do demonstrably stupid things, yet they still get the 'smart party' label? Frank, Cinton, Pelosi, Obama, Jesse jackson, et al. for one thing spew out so much sewage that by the time you debunk one issue, they have put forth another 20. The public cannot possibly keep up with all that garbage.

    It's all marketing, as I mentioned before, wheover wins the marketing war win the election.

    Anyway another big lie is that Bush is like Hoover. The reason you don't want to be like Hoover is that he gets a lot of blame for bumbling in the last depression.

    So what did Hoover do exactly? If you listen to modern demos you would think he did nothing (like Bush supposedly), but modern demos like Charles Schumer could not care less about intellectual honesty so we can't take their word for it. As traders and grown-ups realize, doing something is often worse than doing nothing, so it is curious in the first place why there are demands to 'do something' so quickly. Bush-Pelosi-Reid are eager to 'do something' just so that they can say they didn't sit around and do nothing, but by doing so, they have probably done more damage with this immoral bailout.

    ok back to Hoover, and comparisons to Bush and Obama, let's see who is more Hoover-esque.

    1) In 1932 Hoover raised the top income tax rate from 25% to 63%. Analogy to Obama, the clear winner there.

    2) Smoot-Hawley tariffs, collapsed world trade. Analogy to Obama. Curiously FDR expanded trade.

    3) Pressured Exchange Officials to curtail short sellers, and publically scolded the shorts. Pelosi and company, by proxy Obama.

    4) Created Reconstruction Finance Corp to help homeowners and home builders. Bush and the democrats in congress, with approval of both candidates.

    There is one flimsy analogy tied to McCain, Hoover mentioned that he thought the economy was fundamentally sound. Ok, so big deal, that's not a policy.

    Obama probably doesn't know a rats ass about what is going on, he just delivers his crafted messages in a slick talking manner. What Obama does know is that he is going to get his peeps gov't cash no matter what it does to the economy. In that sense he is far different than Hoover, but that also makes him far more dangerous.

    It's simple, what kind of moron expands the welfare state at a time like this?
    What a stupid fuck ! Obama / Pelosi banned the shorts ?
    Go shoot yourself if you have any dignity. fucking lying moron.
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    What a stupid fuck ! Obama / Pelosi banned the shorts ?
    Go shoot yourself if you have any dignity. fucking lying moron.

    Typical, cannot read properly and then carries on like a 16 year old punk.

    Thank you for making my point about the retarded left, and representing your political class without the pretense.
  4. There us a lot of talk around here about what a shitty president Obama is going to be. I don't think so, but the truth is I don't know. No one knows. What we do know though is that the republican Bush was a really shitty president. And those of you who voted for him need to eat a lot of crow and admit perhaps you don't always have the best judgment when it comes to presidents and theirs policies' affect on our country. So don't blame us of we don't hold your opinions as the final word, because look what you got us into.

    So if we elect Obama and he is a shitty president, then I suppose we will be even. But right now we aren't the ones responsible for electing Bush. You republicans are. We don't have to make our case against the bush/mccain policies because the state of our country makes a resounding one for us. So go ahead make fun of us "libs", tell us how stupid of a decision voting for Obama is, and how he is going to screw over the country and its tax payers, and how bad of a president is going to be. You could be right, but I don't think so and the truth is that by voting in Bush, you all ALREADY made a stupid decision, your candidate ALREADY screwed over the tax payers, the guy you voted for IS a bad president. So it seems to me maybe republicans don't have the most accurate crystal balls around, but for us "libs" well, that remains to be seen. You all have had your day.
  5. Obama is going to raise the top marginal rates 3%, hardly the same.

    But if you like, the country can easily go back to the top tax rates in the high growth 50's.
  6. You pick one fact to try to prove a theory.

    You are able to justify large concepts with a simple fact
    I hope you don't put a trading program together this way.
  7. Alright, why don't we go back to the top tax rates in the high growth 90's, then?

    I usually use a shaman or sorcerer for my trading. When the markets change I switch tactics accordingly and consult a wizard.
  8. Point is conditions change.

    The people who think that Obama and the Dem majority Congress are about to usher in an era of Clinton prosperity are as delusional than if I were to claim McCain will be the new Reagan. Clinton didn't win in a mandate, he had a Republican majority on the horizon, he inherited the massive Peace Dividend and global economies were surging on the back of low commodity prices, a stable geo-political climate and record productivity from new technical implementations. Not a single one of those factors exist today.

  9. Here is how this plays out:

    Word on the street is that the deficit is not a factor.
    Look for a tax break paid for by the deficit, not the weathly ,money wont be enough.

    Obama is going to push money into the consumers and take from the investors.

    What is going to happen is a complete Liberal overhaul of the Government.
    Not so much in the way of LBJ, but on all fronts. You will see a major push for moral and social issues that would embarrass Rev. Farewell.
    First, all Federal prosecutor’s will be fired. First will be Chicago's Fitzgerald. He is the one handling the Chicago political slime machine, Rezco &co.

    Then all the Judicial vacancies will be filled with very liberal judges who will make law ,thus saving the congress from having to vote on the social issues.

    With more burdens on business we will not see GDP over 2% annually with Obama in charge. Unemplyment will not go down.
  10. Mav88 are you saying the republicans should be labeled the "smart party"? The republican party is where they are at because they earned it. No leadership, no morals, no ethics, no vision, and no change for them in the foreseeable future. If the republican party was a company you were buying from or a contractor you were hiring, there isn't a one of you who wouldn't sever ties with them. Use your head men, think outside of the box. If you are that dead set against Obama vote 3rd party or don't vote. There isn't any reason you should want our country to continue on the path we are on now. As bad as Bush was and he was the worst, I think our country will go forward, I'm still busting my ass to make money and so is everyone else. And as bad as you think Obama will be, well your probably wrong. But what we do know is how bad republican leadership and decision making abilities have been. This break from power will do wonders for the republican party, that is if they cull the party of the radicals. If they don't cull the party of the radicals then they are in for a long lonely time out of power. But if Obama screws up as bad as Bush did then we'll see the republicans back in an election or two.
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