Obama & Holder Declare DOMA Unconstitutional

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 23, 2011.

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    The only reason Obama came out with this announcement today is because he knows the situation with unions battles is one he will lose, so he now needs another money source for his re-election camapign. Hello Gays!!!!!!!
    Fortunately for us, Obama and Holder do not have the authority to declare DOMA unconstitutional without the Supreme Court saying so. If the Dept. of Justice will no longer defend it, then Attorney Generals across the U.S. will.
  3. The justice department is under the directive of what branch of government?

    So, which branch of government can people use to settle disputes between the justice department and the people or institutions who don't like the actions of the justice department?

    Not a dictatorship or King situation at all...that is hyperbolic hysterical extremist thinking, just one branch of government flexing their muscles.

    There are remedies of course...called the Supreme Court, which acts independently of the justice department.

    That is why we have seen cases go to the courts, where one side is represented by the justice department, and the opposing counsel is from perhaps the legislative branch, etc.

    Call it the normal family squabbles, that are settled by a sit-down with the heads of the other families.

    Our process of government works...not as fast as some would like, but it does work if we stick to the rules and options of the game.

  4. Libya blowing up, Unions under assault are the news. Obama trying to get this under the radar as other events are more pressing. Playing politics at a time like this? Weak, very weak leadership.
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    I see that Obama's so called 'move towards the center' lasted about five minutes!!!! LOL
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    The only time he moves toward the center is when he is using a urinal. :D
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    With each passing day and idiotic decision, it seems like Obama wants to be a one term president!!!!
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    Then he and I agree on something. :D

  10. What were you doing there in the urinal with him....:eek:
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