Obama (Hitler) Youth

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  1. The controversial video that the Obama campaign is trying desperately to delete from You Tube.

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  2. Coming to a Third World near you...

  3. Little Hitler Youth. And you don't like them? :D

  4. Like his role model Hugo Chavez, Obama knows you can't start indoctrination too early.

    Honestly, what is wrong with these people? Are their lives so empty that they flock to a personality cult around a manipulative chicago pol? Have they just totally lost all ability to reason?
  5. Oh Jesus....this a little private school in Brentwood who's having fun with acting and singing. OMG ....some of you are taking this waaaaaay too seriously.

    However i did listen to part of Rush today...so the fact that this a topic on ET today is not surprising. But it should be embarrassing to those who wait for their marching orders from him.
  6. Lucrum


  7. As unbelievable as it may sound I've haven't heard a composite 3 hours of Rush's show since he's been on the air. I'm sure I'd like him but I'm not a daytime AM radio guy. The static bothers my gonja' high. :D

    Actually I think the school is in Venice, lol.

    A bunch of Hollywood heebs produced it. What a surprise......

  8. you said...heebs.

  9. You're a nut of course.

    I knew that your "feigned" outrage by originating this thread was just that.
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