Obama Hispanic approval high

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  1. http://www.politico.com/story/2013/02/poll-obama-hispanic-approval-high-87161.html?hp=r5

    Poll: Obama Hispanic approval high

    President Barack Obama continues to enjoy a majority job approval rating from Hispanics as the country heatedly discusses immigration reform, a Gallup poll has found.

    The results of the poll, released Monday, which are based on Gallup Daily tracking throughout January, showed that the president’s job rating stood at 70 percent. While this is a 12 percentage point increase since August 2012, his approval did fall by 5 percentage points, from when he gained a hefty 75 percent approval from the group in December.

    Obama has been widely favored by Hispanics throughout his presidency, with there being an average 13-point gap between the job approval rating of Hispanics and all Americans, according to Gallup. Currently, the gap is at 18 points, with 52 percent of all Americans approving of the president’s job.

    Only black voters (at 92 percent), Democrats (at 90 percent), and liberals (at 82 percent) had a higher January approval rating.

    The Hispanic vote is becoming increasingly coveted, with Republicans hoping to tap into the group that Obama won the November 2012 election by 71 percent to 27 percent over GOP nominee Mitt Romney.
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  3. Nice poll.Its pretty tough to beat other ridiculous right wing polls like unskewed polls.com but ET righties managed to pull it off

  4. Yeah, well that may be so, but word on the street the hispanics call Michelle a flat chested coyote.
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    ...and dead nuts accurate too kid.
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    <img src=http://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/62/2011/05/11/93000_600.jpg>
  7. Yeah,just like the other republican polls (unskewed polls.com,Rasmussen etc)
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    Hey genius, we're talking about an ET poll here. NOT a republican poll.

  9. Why isn't your name on that list . . . luke?

    maybe we ought to ask Maxi that.:(.